Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I FEARED......

Took  this a while back.  It was morning, on my way to work, the sun was setting , a bird took my eyes to the sky and I thought 'THIS IS BEAUTIFUL'. And I went click click on my phone and .....Voila. You like?

How are you doing?
Don’t know if you've seen this poem. Read it the other day while surfing the web and I thought it’s worth sharing J . Kudos to the poet!!!!!!!!!
I feared being alone
until I learned to like

I feared failure
until I realized that I only
fail when I don't try.

I feared success
until I realized
that I had to try
in order to be happy
with myself.

I feared people's opinions
until I learned that
people would have opinions
about me anyway.
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I feared rejection
until I learned to
have faith in myself.

I feared pain
until I learned that
it's necessary
for growth.

I feared the truth
until I saw the
ugliness in lies.

I feared life
until I experienced
its beauty.

I feared death
until I realized that it's
not an end, but a beginning.

I feared my destiny,
until I realized that
I had the power to change
my life.

I feared hate
until I saw that it
was nothing more than

I feared love
until it touched my heart,
making the darkness fade
into endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule
until I learned how
to laugh at myself.

I feared growing old
until I realized that
I gained wisdom every day.

I feared the future
until I realized that
life just kept getting

-        Source- Anonymous

So do you have any fears?
One of my fears is not being the best of me. You know dying a sad, unfulfilled woman. But I’ve learned everyday to live my own life, stick with God and enjoy every moment as a happy person. The past is past. The future is definitely bright but right now, at this moment, I’m the happiest lady in the world....

What’s your fear?

So, here I am, encouraging us to lose the fear and tell God about it (Please Read 1 Peter 5:7) and live a happier life....

Song of the day- Heart Beat by Nneka
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Thanks a billion for reading J