Tuesday, 28 May 2013


"Never forget your promises to me, your servant,

for they are my only hope. They give me strength in

 all my troubles. How they refresh and revive me."

 Psalms 119:49,50

I read this verse earlier today during my 'Moment

with God' time and honestly I could relate with 

King Davids proclamation.

Sometimes, do you feel that God has forgotten his 

promises to YOU?

Like David, we might have such thoughts but like I 

always remind my 'worrisome' self, 'GOD is not 

Man that lies. He was there YESTERDAY, is here 

TODAY and will be there TOMORROW. He's so 


Have faith. Hope in Him and Wait....knowing that 

everything will be OK.

Take care of you. Stand on His promises...Big Hugs 


Thanks a lot for reading......