Monday, 24 March 2014


Another bombing today in Borno....29 people killed. 29 precious lives gone.
The little girls abducted by this sect haven't been found.

More death stories....the village attacks, students killed at nights, sporadic shooting at daylight in the markets.....and more bombings again. It doesn't stop.

Or will it?

What is Boko Haram? Are they political machines, anti-religion sects or non-Nigerians?

What's their deal?

Who is backing them up or are they just an independent sect?

Where do they hide? Somewhere up north or out of Naija?

Why is their attack localised? Will it spread out in the future?

Who is to blame for their consistent attack- the Federal Government, Local Government or the Devil?

Why are there many solutions, many 'e-warriors' (as one friend puts it) proffering help and none seems to be implemented? 

Should we bomb the north like what was done in Bayelsa or Should we take the amnesty route like we did to end the MEND saga?

Why aren't we like the Ukrainians....protesting this masked evil? Why aren't there placards on Nigerian streets?

How can we prevent this from happening tomorrow?

Should we beg them? Does begging a 'mad man' help?

What is it like to live in Borno or Yobe or Kano or.......? :(

Are you afraid?

Tolu shared this poem with me....

"When they bombed Eagle square,
We remained silent;
We were not politicians.

When they came for the police headquarters
and the military barracks,
We remained silent;
We were not policemen nor soldiers.

When they bombed the streets in Borno state
and turned the North-east into a battle zone,
We remained silent;
We were not Northerners

When they came for the defenseless market
women and burnt churches,
We did not speak out;
We were not traders and it wasn't our church

When they came for school children in their
We remained silent; 
We didn't have kids in any of those schools.
We said let them kill themselves, its in their
own lands.

I hope they don't come for us,
Because then,there would be no one left to
speak out or any country left to speak out


When I read it, I asked Him, what we can do, and He said 'That's a million dollar question, cos every solution I think about leads to more questions', and I guess he's right.

This is heartbreaking!

I trust God to help us with this ache eventually...

Till then, maybe being an e-warrior can help. Atleast, it helps us empathize with our families up north.... :(


Source: Dailypost