Thursday, 30 October 2014

Who Are You?

Hello :D

Feel like it's been forever since I've blogged, and I'm so sorry. Life happened and I kind of let it carry me wherever it went. 
Anyway, I hope to keep writing...Hopefully...

One of my new worries (Don't we all have that sometimes) is finding myself. A lot of us use that phrase,'Find yourself', and while I agree that finding yourself or being  yourself will help you make good & wise decisions in life, still, the question of how to find oneself crops up.

If you were to define you, what would say?

If you were to define your values, what will they be?

Had a conversation with my dearest friend JP on that....

Me: I need to find myself. I feel like I am a 'human shifter' who picks up various characteristics from different people. I feel like I wear a mask for different occasions and for different people. (Deep sigh)

JP: Truth is more than 50% of our values/characteristics are from the environment. Our environment influences us. But then, as you grow older, you chose what works for you. However, in finding yourself, always shift to the best part of life, and enjoy the world while you can. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, but learn from them quickly. The best plans are those lost in the grave. Do what makes you happy. When you are at a crossroad, count your blessings and look for those that represent a rock in your life and get feedback. Liberate yourself and have an energy drink :D

Don't mean to sound cliched, but maybe we need that reminder sometimes...maybe we should be encouraged not to beat ourselves as we journey through the road of self discovery and enjoy life, trusting that somehow we would know....

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I wish I have the classic definition of who am I, like I can give you a bullet point of everything I am, but one thing I am sure of is I am Gods girl, and that defines me...I love, I am happy, I am imperfect and I will keep growing.

I love how it was said in this movie- Mom's night out (go check it out), 'I am a mess, but I am a beautiful mess, I am His masterpiece, and that's enough...'

We are enough and we have purpose...

Your thought? Do you have your #life figured? #Whoareyou?

So remember that time I told you about the amazing opportunity I had to give a ted talk in this post Dear Akure.

Well, here's the video...*Drum Roll*

Down the tunnel

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Yayyyy...heheheehe (I hope it makes a lot of sense)

Need your feedback for improvement too...

Thank you so much for reading...

You rock!!!

Hugs :)