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It’s heartbreaking what most relationships are like?

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I saw him and her rush to the parked bus like other people. He entered first and then she did, bus driver catching breath and saying ‘Hold your 50 naira change ooo’, bus slowly filling up.

My daydream was stopped by the sound of bickering, their bickering.

Husband says: Sit well
Wife says: Leave me alone (and a long hiss)

...More scuffling, and insults, followed by a slap. He slapped her, right there on his lap.
Everyone turned back, I did too.

Wife was on husband, holding shirt and scratching his face. Husband was underneath wife, hitting and punching hard.

It was chaos in that tiny space. Some people tried separating him and her; some others screamed ‘Stop’, ‘Ejo’ ‘It’s Ok’, angry screams all of them.

‘Get down’, the driver ordered. She did. 

Her dark tiny muscular self stand at the door, shooting angry look at her husband, she kept saying ‘Idiot...we go fight today...Ugly man...Poor man’, she continued ‘Better come down or give me my own transport fare...useless man’.

Husband sits there angry.

N50.00, that’s what this is about? I wonder

‘Get in. I will pay for you’...someone offered.

She entered, and two men sit between him and her.

The person pays for her. She says her thanks and turned to her husband from her end of seat, ‘I hate you...Poor me hold your destiny...everyone know say you be church rat...If you hit me again, I go kill you’ She was breathing heavily, ‘you think I will let you go after slapping me. You go see madness today’.

In her, I saw a woman who’s had her fill of battery, and leveraging on being outside to defend herself. Still, I see a woman who battered her husband emotionally.

In him, I see a weak man who thinks he is strong by beating his wife...who lacks the sense to never hit a person, a weak person.

But who am I to judge? I don’t even know them. I just met them.

Mom says ‘never wash your dirty linen in public’, well after seeing this, I agree with my mom.

People kept hushing her, but she didn’t stop. She insulted and threatened. He looked angry, red-eyed, and ready to pounce on her, if not for the 2 souls between them.

We get to a stop and as I alight from the bus, I stole a glance at him and her, both dishevelled, wounded in and out from their squabble, and I wonder, did they have kids? Did they live like this at home?  Was this some role play? Why did they fight? Did they love each other at one point in their life? And if yes, what changed it?

Sad thing is, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is real...between ma and pa, boyfriend and girlfriend...the report got it right, the highest rate of domestic violence in the world are from intimate partners...those who are meant to love you.

It’s just too sad...

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Stopping here for now...

(To be continued)

Ps: If you saw an act of domestic violence happening around you, what will you do?

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