Friday, 7 November 2014


“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full 

of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” -

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Hello :)

Wrote this  a while back and thought I'd share (Hope it makes some sense. Ha!)....

Paradise now:

My paradise is made up of trees of people, consisting of roots and roots of generation, after generations, alive and dead, entwined and holding me, so I don't fall off.

My paradise breathes out fragrance of love, love from family and friends, whose sweet aroma never seems to lift off my cloths and entice my heart.

My paradise has birds singing words of encouragement , apples of gold in silver carvings, words spoken at the right time, through joy and tears.

My paradise is wet with dew. Dew of grace and spirit, helping me grow when I feel short.

The animals in my paradise pushes me...They graze on me, removing the sharp edges, sand papering me to smoothness. They put me through pain and I see me bloom..bloom into a flower.

Right now, I see my paradise now...I enjoy paradise now.

Even with the sun, moon and twinkling star beautifying my paradise world...and God's letters pointing me the way to go...

Even with the hail and news rocking my world, like the death of 6 family bowing Grandpa down, I see the growth of new grasses and unique flowers, sprout in unusual places...

I see hope shine, like rainbows in the sky, reminding me in paradise world, to hold onto silver rope.

Even with the caves that protects me and oceans cooling paradise world, I love that I don't have to wait till forever to enjoy paradise...'cos with its imperfections, peppered with cobwebs and anthills...I enjoy paradise, right now.

-The end.

Maybe we can enjoy our piece of heaven on earth right now.

Maybe we need to start seeing the good.


How's your day so far?


Thank you so much for reading.

Hugs :)