Thursday, 27 November 2014


Hola Les Amis,

How are you?
Feeling overwhelmed lately? Not feeling thankful?
I know, I do too...sometimes... especially with all that's going on in the world.... Terrorism (The innocent Chibok girls haven't been brought back, another bombing in Borno state, ISIS in Syria), Ebola in Liberia, the Ferguson case, friends who died this year, and some ugly-heartbreaking stories we hear each day...

A lot to be sad about (Sometimes, I feel like between me and God, there are a 100 questions to be asked and I need answers)

One thing that helps though is staying grateful for now....this moment....and finding beauty even in thorns.

I remember this convo with Opeyemi:

Ope : One thing I will like to do when I make a lot of money is glorify God through plants

Me: Why?

Ope: Look.....

and he pointed towards a breath-taking sight- Yellow flowers blooming in the midst of thick brown bush. You have to look really hard, if not you will miss it. It was beautiful.

and then Ope said, 'I saw one like that in Togo...Red flowers blooming in a desert land. It was the only flower there, and I thought, maybe that's Gods way of saying in the midst of empty or lack or ugly, beautiful things can grow. That's hope'.

Quoting my nerdy little sister, ‘...
rather than be depressed about the crazy world conditions, take your worries to God and help the world anyway you can....rather than whine about all the things you don’t have, why don’t you be grateful for all you have...'
Grateful for all the things I have.... like.....


2. Family... oh! Nerdy sister graduated yesterday....So happy about that 'cos she got into school at a time that was difficult for us and seeing her graduate..Wow...My baby is all grown up :)
Also, for my beautiful family at So-said home and House of gold charity....Amazing people...

3. Life..... Loosing Phebe and Chukky this year was hard...really hard....but I am grateful for all the life lessons I learnt from them (they left awesome legacies, that I hope to leave too), and I've learnt to live each day with gratitude and to never take life for granted...and to keep pleasant memories. Life is beautiful...grateful for all the experiences that makes life worthwhile.

4. Food... all the delicacies...yum yum!!!

5. Grace.... Favors that I don't deserve at all. Forgiveness that is being extended always.

6. Beauty even in crazy situations

7. Friends... strong rock always..and all the people I meet each day...always something to learn from everyone, especially lil kids and our elders.

8. Broken relationships and New love...Yup, even that too...taught me strength and that God has a plan always...

9. Technology... cos I get to meet you!

10. Work... living a purposeful life...and motivations....

11. Speaking on another platform after the Tedx opportunity...Yayyyy!!!! So thankful that I get to meet more inspirers and innovators and motivators....

Excited and nervous about 'novel unveiled' on sunday..Dear God,  please help :)

12. School... Not easy, but the knowledge and friends I've gained...Serendipity!

13. For Nigeria... that somehow in the midst of the chaos, we are together....and that we somehow managed Ebola. Good news...

14. Great/ Sacrificing/ Honest/ Loving people, like Dr. Adadevoh (the amazing Chief Consultant of First Consultant hospital) and personnel of First Consultant hospital, and all the amazing people to have graced earth...

15. Answered prayers, and even unanswered ones...thank you God....

16. Every little thing... laughter, beautiful convo, cloths, butterflies, blue skies, note know, those tiny miracles life gives us that we overlook sometimes.....

16. You. Yes, You!.... I'm so grateful for you. You are a gift.

One of my favourite bloggers-Marc and Angel wrote this piece below: (It's a snippet)

Be thankful for-
1.  The unique privilege of being YOU
2.  Every single experience that led you to today.
3.  What your daily struggles are teaching you.
4.  The gift of now. 
5.  The way every moment is a new beginning.
6.  The familiar faces, places and situations you rely on daily.
7.  A reasonably healthy body.
8.  The fact that you are online reading this.
We all have a whole lot to be grateful for.  So at the end of the day before you close your eyes, smile and be happy with where you’ve been and grateful for what you have experienced and overcome.
Life is rarely perfect, but it’s always pretty darn good.
Your turn…

What would you add to the list?

Source: Youtube

“Every day may not be good...
but there's something good in every day”― Alice Morse Earle

Oh my...the image below broke my heart, but still managed to re-evaluate my thought process

You know...some people do not have it as good as you, pray and help others any way you can, and be thankful for your portion...

Thank you so much for reading :) 

Thank You!

(Note: All pictures are from Google Images. Thanks to all contributing sites)