Sunday, 9 September 2012


I love looking at this picture because it is not only funny; it teaches me the importance of being content with life. 

My friend Sade lost love because she wanted to ‘be among’ the classy girls in school. She was trapped by the rave of the N100, 000.00 Brazilian hair, when her annual ‘pocket money’ was N20, 000.00. She did a lot of ‘bad’ things to get a black berry. Back then, it was all clothes and no brain. She is still suffering from the repercussion of life lived then. She lost a lot of important relationships.

9 years ago, Tony was my neighbor in the hood. He believed ‘yahoo yahoo’ was the best way to make sharp money and he did that. He rode a car finally, impressed the girls and lived in clubs. For a while, he was everyone's best friend. He was their Santa Claus. But, just like a lightning bolt, the money disappeared as fast it came. He still tries his luck at scamming but people are wiser. I pray he doesn’t go the extra mile by engaging in ritual killing just to make money. I pray he learns from his lesson, finds good work and be content and grateful for what he has.

My uncle works late hours. He believes that an extra hour past closing time is worth it. Definitely, it means more pay. He believes purchasing the new 3D TV will make his home fun. He is working really hard but at the expense of his relationship with his wife and kids? Sometimes, I fear for his health too.

Sometimes, life takes us to several paths. We get carried away by the baits thrown at us by the media. Everyone preaches that true success is linked to how big our bank account is. We succumb to peer pressure because we believe in their extravagant lifestyle. New clothes, new shoes, acceptance; that’s topmost on our to-do list. Like a rat, trapped by our hunger and a poisoned cheese, some stake it all and the results are not too pleasing.

I believe in the Bible and I believe God when He says to live a simplified lifestyle. To be content with what we have. God isn’t encouraging laziness. He is not saying ‘oh, settle for what you have now, don't aspire for something great’. He is just saying, don’t stress over things you do not have. He is saying 'don't back stab people or kill people to be rich'. Do not be anxious. Just like HE provides for the birds and flowers, He will provide for you too. He is God. Just be content and be happy. (Matthew 6).

This is tricky. I’m not saying that a ‘poor’ guy should remain poor all his life, I’m just saying that ‘Is he going to do ‘anything’, like, ‘sell his soul to the devil’ for the sake of acquiring world wealth…

Do you think being content is overrated? For me, I don’t think so.

What’s your thought?

Thank you so much…Have a blessed day. Be content and grateful for what you have going for you now. I believe it can only get better.

“Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little.”-  Marguerite Gardiner quotes