Friday, 19 October 2012


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I read this yesterday and would like to know your thoughts on it. (Please!!!)

Life is...
a dream for the wise
a game for the fool
a comedy for the rich
and a tragedy for the poor
There are so many in tragic situations whose lives are being played by fools who have the power to change the situations but are way too corrupt, and a handful of comedian who can actually do something but don't and think of life as a comedy while most of the so called wise people are no longer wise because all they do is dream.
I sort of agree with the writer of the piece  but here's what I really think:
The wise have to keep dreaming 'cos that's how they cook up ways to help the world. They aren't magicians and can't work on a whim.
Not 'all' rich people laugh at this life. Maybe happy. Maybe a little bit grateful for their achievements. But they never abandon the world to it's own shortcomings. There are a handful of 'rich people' who help out and seek ways to make life better. 
For some poor people, life is a challenge, maybe tragic, but many swim out of it (eventually). 
Is life a game for the fool? Yes. But you notice that sometimes, they get caught in their own game. You know, justice is served eventually.

That's my own interpretation of the the 'piece'. Please, tell me yours. 

Also, I think that we should live a selfless life. I used to say life is vanity. I always ask questions such as 'why do I have to go school? Why do I need a professional certification?' The 'whys' became endless after a while. Anyways, I learnt that regardless of the vanity in life, we need to gain all of that to make someone's life better. Whether it's a child, a wife, a loved ones, a family in Cambodia  etc, we live and acquire life's vanity so that someone can be happy (We can't go to the grave with our money and fancy clothes. And even if we do, they would rot. Right?)...

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Honest question- Daniel Beddingfield

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