Thursday, 21 March 2013


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Hello Mes Amis

One of the many thing I'm grateful for is GRACE....You?

It's not easy being 'Human' and serving God (Speaking honestly). 
It's like you are in this big battle where you are trying to fight off all the crazy demons in your life and when you fail/ fall, you hear them say 'Oh! Why did you do this-I thought you were a child of God?

I love God. I love pleasing Him but most importantly, I'm glad that He promises to strengthen us when we are weak, and I'm glad that He's provided us with more than enough 'GRACE'/ abundant love when we falter.

I'm so grateful for His Grace :))

And I'm slowly learning to show that same grace to others. To love others even when I don't feel like and to ask for strength and grace when I'm lacking it :)

Grace is truly a precious gift. What do you think?

I love this poem by James L. A. Huetson

Grace and Mercy

Grace is when I get what I haven’t earned.
Mercy is when I don’t get what I deserve.
Grace is when I wake up in the early morn,
And hear the birds sing and calm every nerve.

Mercy is when I haven’t lost another friend
By operating my mouth without a caring thought.
Being given a new beginning instead of a sorry end.
When I have no regrets for not doing what I ought.

Grace is sitting in the beauty of a valley,
Looking up at the hills covered with summer browning.
Knowing that they are not hills at all
But are at the edge of a prairie with wheat fields growing.

Mercy lies in the real life fact
I could not hear the birds and their beautiful singing.
Without a stranger performing the act
That constructed the aids to give me my hearing.

Then I was able to see the hills so beautifully glowing
With the white-capped Snake River so gorgeous and vital.
Mercy then provided a surgeon capable and knowing
To remove cataracts giving me vision clear and total.

I have Mercy and Grace beyond my deserving.
There is vision and hearing when both were gone.
My Spirit with gratitude doth both pray and sing,
To the Love of the Universe that goes on and on. 

Song of the day: This is God by Hillsong

'Your Grace is enough, More than I need'. Thank you God....

Oh sweet sweet grace :)
Enjoy the rest of your day.....


Thanks a billion for reading....